dimanche, avril 27, 2008

bike ride

Yesterday Mystery Guest and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and went on a bike ride out to the nearby lighthouse. It was one of those perfect days, one of the first summerlike times where you can feel the sun on your back and the ocean breeze in your hair (haha cheezy I know but so true!). It was about 6 or 7km out there and once we got there it was warm enough to lay down on those big rocks and take in the sunshine!We heard there is a geocache in the area but we with the directions we would a compass so we just scoped out the area and will be back soon to really search for it.
Beautiful no? You can see the town of Barfleur (and the recently restored church) in the distance.
I can't wait for summer!! Now if my memoire would just write itself...

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Andromeda a dit…

I took a super cliché bike ride too this weekend! Through flower filled fields, wind blowing in my hair . . . I'm loving this weather, hope winter is gone for good!