samedi, avril 12, 2008

news from la Manche...

I love this shot in the local newspaper where beau-père (on the left) the avid fisherman is clearly the new celebrity around these parts ;-)

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Rose a dit…

Salut :)
deux petite questions pour te deranger stp:

1. Is the picture of the beau-pere wildly flinging fish in the air at all related to the free cabaillaud give-aways I heard about in Paris?

2. What IS confiture de lait. I saw pots of it everywhere and it is brown so it looks good but I thought I'd ask the experte and not Wikipedia.

kthxbye :)

Karina a dit…

Hey, no problem! No, actually he's part of a fishing association and they replenish the rivers with farmed fish to fish later in the season.

Confiture de lait is a DELISHIOUS caramel topping. Its like dulce de leche and I heard you can make it by sloooowly cooking a can of evaporated milk until it carmalizes. I love it over ice cream, on apple slices or just out of a jar with a spoon... try it, you won't regret it but your waist might! haha