dimanche, mars 09, 2008

Venice Day 1

Ok ok I figured I should just sit down and write this otherwise I'd regret it later :-)

So after a long drive over to Beauvais we had extra time before the flight so we ducked into town to see the cathedral, too bad outside of downtown Beauvais is stinky! I swear we decided it smelled like a mix of old dog poo and cooked kidneys (that last part was added by Mystery Guest, I have never smelled kidneys cooking...). But anyway it was a nice cathedral and sure beat sitting around the airport for any longer than you have to!
The flight went so smoothly! The whole trip actually, it was as if it were perfectly timed just for us. We arrived in the airport outside of Venice and there was a bus waiting for our flight to take us downtown, we jumped on and 40 minutes later we were in Venice. The vaporetto line we needed to catch left from the bus stop and so we called our B&B and arranged for a pick up at our vaporetto stop Saint Stae 20 minutes later. While we stood infront of a church waiting for the pick-up you could see down little alleyways and in the quiet February night there was hardly a soul around. I really understood why Venice is such a sought after location for movies and the setting of books. The mystery, the fog and the low lights just all add to the atmosphere. It's great mid-week in the off season, like you've stepped back in time!
The man met us after we had only been waiting about 10 minutes and showed us to our cute little room, gave us directions to local restaurants and supermarkets and wished us a pleasant stay (in a mis-mash of Italian, French and random English). If you ever need a place in Venice let me know, this place was awesome and a great deal!

We decided to stay in after the traveling and head to bed early. It was so strange not to hear any cars or mopeds, just quiet, so quiet!

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The Late Bloomer a dit…

I loved my last trip to Venice, a few years back, and I wish my boyfriend and I could go there together now... We've talked about some weekend trips, but I think we're going to have to make them in France this time around, budget being a bit tight these days. But I ADORE Italy in general, for the cuisine, the fabulous and cheap coffee (like you said!) and Venice is really wonderful for the picturesque, mysterious aspect of the atmosphere. I went in April the last time, and it was gorgeous, although a bit crowded. I only regret never breaking down for the gondola ride, as it was just so pricey. Maybe one day...

By the way, Lauren from Maîtresse has written a novel which takes place in Venice, and hopefully it will be published one day soon! I'm waiting for it with bated breath... Keep your eyes peeled!