samedi, mars 22, 2008

expensive groceries

In Le Monde yesterday it has finally been studied that food prices have gone up... uhh really??

"Ainsi, les pâtes alimentaires ont augmenté de 16 % en un an, les oeufs de 14 %, le lait de 12 %, le beurre de 10 %, la farine 10 %, le riz de 9 %, les fromages de 8 % et les yaourts de 7 %."

In the last year pasta has gone up 16%, eggs 14%, milk 12%, butter and flour 10%, rice 9%, cheese 8% and yogurt 7%.

I can tell you I've sure seen that difference in the last few years, its crazy how much these basic products are increasing and salaries are not.

And why is it that gas in Europe continues to increase despite the fall of the dollar? That one is what really gets you, 1 gallon of gas in France will cost you about $10 based on the euro/dollar exchange rate these days! Its a good time for Europeans to go to the States but a bad time for Americans to come travel around Europe that's for sure.

In other news I tried out a new scone recipe yesterday, yum! So light and fluffy they were dewwwishhhhious ;-)

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alisa in Los Angeles a dit…

we are taking a 1 year sabbatical in france starting in september. The dollar/euro is killing us...we hope that it has peaked at 1.59 and will go down, but who knows...our economy is in the dumps! Timing isn't great but we need to do this. France has been calling us for 10 years and now we need to answer her.

The Late Bloomer a dit…

Yes, there's been a lot of talk about this in the papers recently. I also had to translate some pieces in the Figaro Economie section for one of my bosses, and it went on and on about the price increases, as well as the monopoly of huge hypermarchés like Carrefour and Auchan. To be honest, I don't often get to shop in places like that anyway, but after reading those pieces, I have less and less an inclination to shop there! Even if it means not saving some pennies on some things...