mercredi, novembre 28, 2007


I got an ipod for my birthday back in 2004... recently the battery just doesn't hold out as it once used to... Since I mostly use it in town for 30 min at a time its not a big deal but since I've got an upcoming trip to Oz for Christmas and a 30 hour flight I thought some music might be nice! (and podcasts of course!!!)
So I was toying outloud with the idea of getting a new nano or something and Mystery Guest said, oh well I could just change the battery. :-)
So 16euros later a little battery arrived in my box and Mystery Guest slaved over prying it open this evening and did a happy dance at the end (looking something like this after he got it!) Right now my little po-pod is charging up as we speak and should be all brand new tomorrow!!!
Yeah Mystery Guest! You rock!

2 commentaires:

Samantha a dit…

Ha! Was he in his boxers like that guy too? LOL

benny a dit…

eirkk! now i have an image of V in boxers stuck in my head now !! thanks :-(