jeudi, novembre 08, 2007


On Tuesday night the students at the university decided to go on strike. This mostly is affecting the batiment de lettres (language arts) where I teach English classes on Monday and where more importantly I had my thesis defense on Wednesday morning at 11am!

Talk about adding more stress to the situation!! I got a call on Wednesday morning from Mystery Guest who said, yup the building is completly blocked and see if you can't reach your advisor over the phone. So I did, left a message and hoped we could still do it in another building! Luckly all went smoothly and I passed my thesis and the first year of my Masters!!!! (insert happy dance here!) I got a good grade - if I do say so myself - 16/20!

As far as the strike goes everyone is wondering if this will turn into another CPE situation... any thoughts??

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kim a dit…

Apparently, in the AG in Le Havre today, the vote result was strike, but no blockade. So, if things are as planned, I will have class tomorrow, but we'll see how that goes. I get the feeling they'll keep calling these never-ending meetings until the anti-blockaders stop coming so they can get the majority, but we'll see.

ViVi a dit…

YAAAAAAAAAY congrats to you! That's so exciting!

Leah a dit…

Congrats on your thesis and, yeah, it's a pretty bad situation here in Rennes. Those idiotic strikers took out the fire extinguishers from the amphis and now we can't have any of our lit classes because of it. The vote is Monday, but the strikers are planning on trying to prevent people who are opposed from voting to keep this nonsense going so they can join on to the SNCF strike this week. It's super annoying!!! I'm glad everything worked out well for you in the end, though!