lundi, novembre 05, 2007


My feet were itching to travel so on Thursday I called up Sam to see if I could go take a little trip down in Brittany :-) She said no problem so I hopped on a train Friday afternoon and made my way down to the gite! We had the best time just lazing around, just what this girl needed!! On Saturday we finally made it out of our pj's and out of the house in the afternoon and took a walk through this beautiful forest.
Then we made our way over to a nearby town and had a fantastic tartiflette dinner with the lycee assistants placed there. (not to be confused with the briflette they make down in Dubai...!)

The next morning I took off and made my way over to Rennes where I had a two-hour wait. Leah braved a dull Sunday morning to meet up for a sandwich at Subway and showed me around the city, all the half-timbered houses and rue de la soif ;-) The town hall was beautiful and I just couldn't resist catching this mohawk dude in the picture hehehe. I took the little train back to Caen Sunday afternoon and had 2 belated birthday presents waiting for me!

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benny a dit…

huuummmm tartiflette !!! ;-D