vendredi, novembre 09, 2007


Last night I saw le Coeur des Hommes 2 which I really enjoyed. As my friend so perfectly put it at the end of the movie "Its like Sex and the City with guys."

tee hee maybe that's why I liked it so much ;-)

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Samantha a dit…

that's funny, i was just thinking i should watch the first one on TF1 on sunday so that i could go watch the second one in the theater!

The Late Bloomer a dit…

Yeah, I just so happened to fall on the first one on TF1 when I was at my boyfriend's sister's place on Sunday night, but I didn't get to watch it 'til the end because we had to drive back to Paris! So I only saw half... Oh well! My boyfriend kept making fun of me anyway, saying "Do you really like this thing?!" Hell, yeah -- Marc Lavoine is gorgeous! Check out his dark blue eyes...

(Even if he plays a complete CAD-salaud in the movie!)