dimanche, octobre 14, 2007

ups and downs

Well the down is ... remember my beautiful fixed bike tire? Yeah, I went to go take my bike to the pool the other day and it was flat again... I guess my bike fixing skills are not nearly as amazing as one would guess! Stick that back on my todo list!

But the up is that I've been to the pool twice this week with my new -straight - from - America toy! I ordered this waterproof MP3 player to swim laps with. I was really curious to see how it would work, if you could actually hear the music while underwater, its great!! I swear I swim twice as fast with a little Paul Simon Concert in the Park pumping in the background :-)

Otherwise not much is new around here... lots of work. I started teaching classes last week, I've arranged my schedule to teach all my hours Monday/Tuesday so that I can go to my masters classes Wednesday/Thursday and have Friday free for the library (read 3-day weekends hehe). I always think I'll have something interesting to blog about but all that's exciting today is that I'm going to the market to get a pumpkin for pumpkin soup :-) Enough to make this girl happy!

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Leah a dit…

Waterproof MP3 player? That's so kewl!

PS-Was the pumpkin soup delish? I gotta try that soon!