jeudi, octobre 25, 2007

les dieux

This picture has a story - as they all do!
I tutor 2 people during the school year, a French woman and a Russian man. They have almost become friends, especially the woman. She's great, she invited me out to her house this summer for lunch and since the "class" is conversation and she's already fluent in English we just chat for an hour every week.
She knew my birthday was coming up so yesterday she showed up with a birthday present! It was very sweet, I opened it up and she gave me the Dieux de Stade calender !! We howeled with laughter as we went through the photos one by one...
I remember when the first calender came out and the photos were quite tasteful and black & white. This year I swear its more gay porn than anything else.. so cheezy! Of course it will have to be displayed... ;-)
(If you want some pictures, type dieux de stade in Google Images)

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benny a dit…

I tottally agree with you. The new one is really "porny" and totally tasteless... *disappointed*