lundi, octobre 01, 2007

California #2

I've spent the last couple days at my grandparents. It's been really fun to see them and spend a relaxing few days. My aunt and uncle were up Friday night and then left Saturday after lunch, but it was great to see them and my little cousin is getting so big! He's already 9 years old and since the last time I saw them was 2 years ago the change is really striking! My dad and step-mom stayed through brunch today and we all went out for a nice eggs benedict ;-)

Lots of short visits but lots of fun. Since then we haven't been doing too much since my grandma hurt her foot a little and so she's trying to get it better by staying off of it. This afternoon we sat outside on the patio enjoying the 80F temps!! It will be hard to go from this weather back to France! Then this evening we watched Mystic River - it was excellent! I've got all day tomorrow (Monday) and then fly back to France Tuesday. I'm all ready for my flight, tons of books and I just need to make sure that my computer and ipod are all charged ;-) Not looking forward to dragging my very full suitcases around the airport and into Paris to get to the train station though! I wish they'd start a train service directly from the airport out to Caen like they do to other cities... that would be so nice!

Other than that not much new, it has been a great break and I think my batteries are mostly recharged to start up the semester!

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Leah a dit…

Eww, are you taking the RER into the city? That's yucky. Oh man, too bad the Air France shuttle doesn't go to St Lazare. Maybe that'll like ten years!! :)

Karina a dit…

It goes to Opera (or the Roissy bus does, I can never remember!) but when you have lots of stuff the walk from Opera to St Lazare isn't that great... oh well.

benny a dit…

You can get from CDG to Opera really easily by bus !!!

PS: I LOVE eggs benedicte !!!!

Karina a dit…

Yeah, I've taken the bus before but I never know WHERE in CDG to find it... and since I know the RER so well i tend to take that... plus there's still a bit of a walk from Opera to St Lazare with all the bags... :S anyway it went fine yesterday - no problems!

ps. yes i'm sure you would -eggs! lol