jeudi, octobre 18, 2007


If you only look at recent blog enteries between mp3 players and bike tires I guess you could say my life is fairly boring right now! But to be honest not too much is going on these days... I'm trying like a madwoman to finish my thesis by Monday to get it off and printed and in between that I'm planning lessons and getting interupted by protests ;-)

I was sitting at my desk yesterday when I hear a manif going on in the street below... I was surprised because today is supposed to be the big strike. When I looked out the window I realized it was the med students who were striking. According to the med students I know they are protesting new plans that would force young doctors to work at least a year or two in the countryside where doctors are scarce these days. I can see where the government is coming from, most civil servants don't get to chose where they are placed their first few years (teachers can be sent anywhere in the country when they've passed their teaching exam) and fewer and fewer doctors are in the countryside which is hurting the village populations... Plus it isn't such a bad thing for young doctors to have the experience of working in a small town situation, that's a whole different kind of medicine than working in Paris or other big cities...

Anyway back to the thesis... anyone want to write my conclusion for me?? :-)

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