dimanche, décembre 10, 2006

holiday season

It's been a busy weekend so far! On Friday night I went with Mystery Guest to see Huis Clos, a play by Sartre. Too bad the interpretation was too modern for my taste, but it still makes me want to read the book.
Then on Saturday afternoon we road tripped out to Honfleur with a friend to go Christmas shopping. There are so many cute little boutiques with regional products and with the Christmas lights its a great way to spend an afternoon! I've got almost all the Christmas presents on my list, good thing too because we're off to the States in 11 days! Yeah baby count them 11...!!
The Anglican church in town is having a Christmas concert tonight so I'm going to go get in the Christmas spirit with some carols. Its such a nice tradition and one that isn't too popular here so got to take advantage :-) Pictures and maybe a little movie to come!

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