jeudi, décembre 14, 2006


I haven't blogged for a couple days, nothing too exciting has been going on. I've been busy with work, Christmas shopping and catching up with friends before taking off for the States in 1 week's time! :-) Did you hear that? Yup baby in 7 days this little Milk Jam will be on a plane zooming over the Atlantic with Mystery Guest! Yippeee!!!

So apparently my conscience knows that I feel guilty about not blogging for a few days because as I was sitting here enjoying my one morning off this week, cup of coffee in hand, reading my favorite blogs I suddenly remembered my dream last night.

Its not often that I remember dreams, and if I do usually I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone about them. But last night I dreamt (or dreamed?) that I went to Paris and met up with a group of bloggers, all those lovely people who's lives I know about and whom I've never met. They were so nice and I had so much fun in my dream... what does that mean?? That is the weird thing about this new blogging phenomenon, you can know someone's life so intimately without ever having physically met the person. I read a blogger's take on this a few days ago, if you get a chance to read Maitress' article its quite interesting.

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Stella a dit…

I've met a few bloggers and it's always very interesting to already have a history and instant rapport with someone you've never met before.

And a couple of bloggers I now count amongst my closest friends.

ps. I did enjoy the video link, especially the way they pixelated the "bits"! :-)

Ms Mac a dit…

By the way, that's me, that Stella person.