samedi, décembre 16, 2006

holiday fun

This afternoon I braved the crazy-Saturday-afternoon-before-Christmas-holiday-crowds for a few little last minute presents (did I mention that I'm leaving in 5 days??? whoo!!!).

Its already crazy going shopping on a Friday afternoon in France (as everything is closed on Sundays) but right before Christmas its just nuts! But I got almost everything I need and to give myself a little reward I stopped by the bakery and picked up a fabulous little pastry. I had often seen it there but never tried, I'll describe its perfection to you as before I could take a picture it was already in my belly!

The bottom crust was made of a macaroon-type dough and was light, chewy and flavorful. Then a very lightly sweetened creamy paste was piped on and topped with fresh raspberries. As I cut into this little gem the raspberry juice had seeped all the way through the cream and crust ... Divine!

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Pam a dit…

Ooooh, that sounds fabulous!