lundi, février 14, 2011

I knew it was a bad idea...

My gut told me never never to go with Orange - but over Christmas they had the best iPhone 4 deal and I decided maybe things have changed...

Nope. Gah they are still a PAIN to deal with!!! Brief background: it all started when I switched to Orange just before Christmas to get the new iPhone. Because I moved my old number to the new SIM card there was about a 10 day delay when I had 2 phones, my old one and the temporary number with Orange in the new phone. Up until that point everything was working fine - both numbers worked and I just had to wait for my number to be transferred to the new SIM.

With my Orange plan I have 3 free numbers that I can add to have unlimited calls, otherwise I only have 1 hour talk time per month (which is fine, I never talk on the phone). But one of my good friends had some serious problems and I wanted to call her. So I added her number through the automated service in the afternoon while I was at work and then called her (hands free of course!) on my way home that evening.

The next morning my phone wouldn't connect, I couldn't get online, no SMS or phone access. I called Orange - they said that because I was still on a temporary number I couldn't add my free phone numbers but they would fix things, unblock my line that afternoon.

That never happened, nor did it happen the next day or the following day. Because of New Years Day I was without a phone for 5 days because while this was going on my number was transferred to my new SIM so I had nothing. No phone to respond to the Happy New Years SMS that I got, nothing.

The next week it all got sorted out, one simple phone call with someone who KNEW what they were talking about for a change. The confirmed that my "hors forfait" that I had racked up from this call that I had thought was free would be reduced from my monthly bill + 10 euros as a commercial guesture.

January's bill came, no reduction! Plus my 3 free numbers were still cocked up, I kept getting an SMS confirmation "your numbers have been added, thank you" followed by another SMS "we have received your confirmation to cancel your free numbers, thank you."

So I called AGAIN and got someone who said it was all sorted and that I would get a new SMS confirmation with all 3 numbers. I asked about my reduction I was supposed to get. He said that it had been too late to go on the January bill but it would be sorted for February. So.... in February I will see 22 euros deduction my bill? Yes. Loud and clear.

Today I get my February bill.


I could scream, I knew I never should have gone with them!!!! Why oh why did I???? Guess who will spend the morning with them on customer service reminding them that their conversations are taped and I want my money?!? ME. Gah.

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Amber a dit…

good luck. I'm still waiting on a 90€ refund that they owe me from a telephone line that they "set up", billed me for over four months, and it never worked so we cancelled it. Then randomly, they started trying to debit my account a year and a half later (I wisely cancelled the RIB when I got wind of this arnaque) for the same phone line and I even got letters from their collection service for not paying. Talk about a mess.

Good luck though. For the sake of your sanity, I hope it gets sorted out on your March bill.

Jennie a dit…

Ugh, stupid Orange. This is why I only have a cheap pay as you go cell phone plus an iPod Touch & Kindle with free worldwide 3G that I both got thanks to my Skymiles. No monthly bills for me. I am way too cheap for that.

MilkJam a dit…

I've had just about every other operator over the years and had great service (Virgin, Bouguyes, SFR etc...)
I'm just kicking myself, Orange is crap and I knew it yet couldn't pass up the good deal!