lundi, février 21, 2011

Finally 1 day of sunshine!!!!

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Lefrontier a dit…

hello :) So, you are an American tta lives/works in France, keeps staying and on top of it you like food/cooking? (I took a quick look atyour profile and saw your other blogs...
Well, I think you got yourself a follower (i dont see one of those "these are my followers" buttons in here but never mind, gonna just add your blog to my favorites). Glad also to know that you are enjoying some California sun. Take lots of pictures and get your ah...backside back to Europe ASAP :)))
A propos: je vous prie d'excuser mon mauvais Anglais - j'ai jamais étudié Anglais à l'école, j'ai appris l'Anglais d'aprés la téle (les films américains, vous savez? Alors... ;)
Greetings from Portugal :)