vendredi, février 18, 2011


Hello from California! I'm here for a quick 10 day trip to see family (dad, grandparents and a couple cousins.)
I got in to the San Francisco area Wednesday night and am up again at 5:30am today thanks to jet lag...
Yesterday we did a bunch of shopping, the weather was terrible with torrential rain allllllll day (apparently I brought it, it had been beautiful and warm up until now... Or so they say!)
I got to go to Target to get some jeans for MG and some adorable onesies for some new baby presents. Then with a quick trip to the Gap (trousers on sale for me!) and REI most of my shopping is done :-) lucky me I'm catching the winter sales all over!
Hopefully the weather is supposed to get a bit better over the next few days, which is good because it would be nice to take some walks around here. But some fantastic Tom Kha Kai soup & green curry chicken at the Thai place last night sure was a great way to warm me up!

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