jeudi, octobre 22, 2009

No wheels yet...

Last night I had a driving lesson and despite what the other lady told me my drivers ed teacher doesn't think that I'll be ready for next week. It sucks because at 30 some odd euros an hour these lessons get pricey! Plus with les vacances starting Friday and me working all week it's very hard to get hours.. I agree that it's better to be well prepared before taking the test but I was SO disapointed after having my heart set on my birthday next week!
I was disapointed in myself as well, he picked me up at 7pm directly from the train station, I was beat after a long day of work, the sun was setting and my driving was crap!! I felt like I couldn't remember anything, stalled several times and made retarted mistakes.
I have another lesson tonight, same bat time, same bat channel. I'm going to try really hard not to embarass myself again.
So all is not lost, I have some hours scheduled and at the latest should take the test the end of November. I guess it gives me more time to look for a car...

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benny a dit…

Hey girl, dont worry, everybody is going thru "good driving - worse driving ever - good driving" just before the test... It was like that for me, and they made me took several other lessons, but i totally rocked the exam !

(dont forget that they need to keep their stats up, so if you take it and fail, it looks bad for them...)

I'm sure you'll be driving me around when I come back for Xmas anyway :-)

Anonyme a dit…

Good luck. It's never easy and I'm sure that the instructor wants to make sure you do pass the test.

When's your birthday?

Betty C. a dit…

Thanks for your comment on my blog La France Profonde. So many expat bloggers are from the PNW, it's incredible! I'm from Olympia and this summer my daughter and I spent a night up at Port Townsend and had a lovely time.

Well I've been here about as long as Dedene and I remember the horror of taking the French driver's test at the age of 30, after 14 accident-free years driving in the USA! Oddly, I passed the written test on the first try, but in a humiliating downturn to the story, failed the first driving test! I did get it on the second try though.

Good luck to you!