samedi, septembre 26, 2009

vroom vroom

Last night Mystery Guest and I celebrated the fact that I finally passed the dreaded code... step 1 of getting my French license! Today I went over to the auto-ecole to drop off my paper saying I passed and to see about getting a date to take the driving exam.

It works a little differently - heck - totally differently if you're talking about the license process! But the driver's ed teacher wants me to do an hour or two more before the exam to make sure I'm ready. The cool thing is that they will pick you up from the train station to do your driving practice. So the week before I'll be doing 2 night drives, hope the sun will still be up! Hate driving at night... boo just realized that...

Then I asked when the first testing date would be, October 27th. My. Birthday. LOL! How 16 do I feel right now? Good thing is that if on the driving practice he thinks I'm not quite ready it will just push back the date by 1 week, but what a great birthday present that would be! When she said that I was reminded of this scene...

Let's hope I won't be that blond!

I've been looking for cars online now, leboncoin here I come! Any suggestions? I'm looking for something not more than 5,000e obviously with not too many km and diesel would be nice but not necessary. I see all the French brands but have no clue where to start...

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L a dit…

Oh, that was my favorite movie from about ages 14 to 17. I watched it all the time.

Just a heads up for the driving exam: I don't know if you're taking it on a stick shift or just opting for an automatic only license, but driving schools use diesels (cheaper gas) and it takes a bit to get used to how they drive compared to gas cars. The French also have a different order of blinkers and checking blind spots when turning. You check everywhere, then but your blinker on at the last second, and then turn. I was doing it the American way (blinker, check check check, turn) and the instructor said I couldn't do it that way for the test. I think if they see you put on the blinker (their second to last step), they think you're going to turn without looking. And apparently I have to check my left blind spot when I'm turning left at a signal (!). Just don't be surprised if you need more than 2 hours to get down the French way of driving. I'm at 8 or 9 hours and I'm finally ready, although I did them spread out because I got busy in between lessons, so fewer hours grouped together might do it. I had to practice backing into a parking spot as well, since it's not something I normally do but apparently can be asked during the test.

MilkJam a dit…

Thanks for the heads up L!

I'm taking it on a stick shift (still on the learning curve, never drove one Stateside) but all the practicing I've done (on MG's car) is also a diesel & stick shift. I've also done 2 hours back in May/June at the auto-ecole and the guy seemed pretty confident even then.

Good to know about the blinkers, I got a couple questions like that on the code and when they said wrong I was like WTF??? Of course I would put my blinker on... gave me the heads up that something was weird but good to know you've had the same experience and can explain it to me :-)

and worse case, if i'm not quite ready she said it would just be pushed back by 1 week, so that's not bad.

thanks again for your comment!

Anonyme a dit…

Best of luck! I'm sure you'll be fine.

I'm glad that I'm able to drive in France as a student (not that I drive often), I'd hate to have to do the test - I still get confused who gives way to who and I just wave people on! Probably should read up on that! I blame it on being used to driving on the left normally.

Its so random which countries (and even states in the US) where you can just swap your license and get a French one.

Love the video clip too.