dimanche, septembre 20, 2009

da roof!

Starting to look like a house eh??? Half of the roof is done and the roofer has put the 3 skylights (which open). One is for the loft part and the other two on the sides are in bedrooms. There's still the other side which needs to be done and then we'll have to work on the outside of the house itself - putting up plastic against the plywood and finally the siding and windows! Once all that is done it will be waterproof and looking finished! (from the outside, is still pretty much a gutted mess on the inside...)
So it's all rolling along for now, I think the roof is sexy! The tiles are actually that, tile, made out of terra cotta. But I love the black, red roofs just aren't very Norman!

Work is good but it's really the grind, nothing exciting to post about these days. Twisto, boulot, dodo...

(Twisto is the bus/tram system in Caen).

2 commentaires:

Megan a dit…

looks great! when do you expect it to be done by?

MilkJam a dit…

we're not sure right now, it depends on a lot of factors now that are out of our control (dates that the electrician is free, the plumber, the heater-dude etc...) we were hoping for Jan 1 but that might be pushed back... waiting to see!