vendredi, septembre 04, 2009

Twist of fate...

They always say that when it rains it pours... So maybe this would be
when it's hot it's HOT!
My first day as an office girl went swimmingly (more on that later)
but as I was finishing up today I got an email from the private
business school where I interviewed at back in June... At the time
they only offered me 3 hours a week, not a lot (but not horrible when
they pay 50€ an hour) I tuned them down not wanting to be locked into
a piddly 3 hour contract and forced to turn down something better
because of it.. Today he offers me 12 a week, maybe more.
Quick with the calculator that's twice what the bank pays! But as they
told me there is next to 0 hope of getting a fullyime job with the
school in the future whereas the bank tends to... And all of the
school vacations are unpaid as well, making for some sad months.
Anyway he wants an answer asap but I would feel horrible backing out
of the bank (haven't signed my contact yet). And I would assume they
wouldn't be keen on hiring me back in a years time!

Isn't it so true? You jobhunt for months - nothing - the 2 offers back
to back...

Oh and my train home is 40min late... Boo. Thank god for my iPhone & 3G!

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3 commentaires:

Emmy a dit…

oh dear. i've had similar experiences this week and more that i've not blogged about. do what you think is best for you.

good luck

Dedene a dit…

Indeed do what's best. But do something that you love to do as well. Good luck with your choice.

kiwi in france a dit…

it is always the way!! typical isn't and not an easy decision to make. Ultimately, what do you think would make you happier?

Good luck deciding on what's best for you.