vendredi, mai 15, 2009


We drove up to the Rogue River where we camped in a yurt!! It was
something that I've always wanted to do! Especially given the fact
that our poor air mattresses deflated on us the night before.. I tell
you, yurts are the way to go! We didn't have enough time to go rafting
but we did enjoy the hot weather (about 26C) and walks along the
riverbank trails!

The next day we drive through farmland dotted with red barns to Crater
Lake- another place I'd always wanted to see! The weather was
fantastic but COLD! The still had 6feet of snow so the main lodge was
open but none of the rim drives, still unbelieveable though!

Then we hit I-5 and made it up to Salem to stay the night with a dear
friend and her family.

Yesterday we left and drove over to Silver Falls- spectacular! Then a
yummy brunch at Ihop for Mystery Guest to try an American
institution! ;-) and finally we drove through nasty weather (our
first!) to the coast where we spent several hours (and euros!) at the
outlet mall before making a toasty fire at the cabin where we stayed
last night... More tales to come but just a brief post to get you all
caught up ;-)

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Andromeda a dit…

I love the number of exclamation points in this post, lol. You can tell how much fun you're having :-)