mardi, mai 05, 2009


Well we're over our jetlag and getting ready for our road trip! The last few days have been great, we had superb weather yesterday, watched the hummingbirds feed while we ate breakfast, hot tubs at night and introduced my Mom and KC to geocaching! We found 2 out of 3 of them (one of them I think went missing because it really wasn't there!) I've already taken over 200 pictures on my big camera and several on my iPhone (check facebook if you want to see those, the rest I'll wait until we get back to France to upload)

We also had some fantastic food (besides the corn on the cob Mom made open faced sandwiches with goat cheese, grilled eggplant/tomatoes topped with basil! I love summer food!) Today was a little grey so we started getting ready for our trip and headed downtown for some pizza. I also grabbed Mystery Guest a root beer to try - his first! Most Europeans don't like it at all, he said it wasn't bad but he's not a big soda drinker to begin with so when he said he liked it just as much as coke I think that's pretty amazing!

But we haven't just been eating! It's been nice to see my family and get ready for our trip knowing that we'll come back here before flying out. So tomorrow isn't goodbye but see you in bit! :-)

I'm so curious to see what Vegas is like, I'm sure it will be like what I'm expecting but at the same time be totally different. The Grand Canyon I'm sure will be fabulous and I'll get to see my grandparents, all in all it should be great! Posting will be sporadic but I'll try to upload iPhone pictures from wifi hotspots as we go... :-) I hope everyone in Franceland enjoyed a nice long weekend and is gearing up for another one! Love the month of May :-)

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Notre Vie Juteuse a dit…

Dad's rootbeer...yummy. we lived in vegas for 9 horrible months. It's hell that's all I can say but I have met many french and belgians that really wanted to visit there (florida too). I can even think of a sentence to describe it. Maybe the worst place ever on steroids. That about sums it up. But go with an open mind and have fun. IF you want to see some beautiful scenery while you are in vegas go and visit Red Rocks National Park just a quick "straight" drive outside of vegas (maybe 15 minutes) head out on Charleston and go west. It's so so beautiful (we used to rock climb all the time there). The RED rock will blow you away and there is hiking and a road that takes you in a loop around the rocks. A must see.

Katie a dit…

I hope you're having an awesome time at home. That's totally awesome that you're going to the grand canyon. I hope to get there one day. Maybe this summer when I take my trip back to the states...