mercredi, mai 27, 2009

The O-man comes to Normandy!

My computer has been out of service as Mystery Guest transfers my data to my BIG new harddrive so I haven't gotten the chance to reply to comments, but I will!
Buuuut I couldn't wait to share the news that I got on the US Embassy list to get an invitation to attend the D-Day ceremony with OBAMA June 6th!!!!! Woooooot!!!
That, my friends, is the highlight of my week!! :-)

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5 commentaires:

Andromeda a dit…

Exciting!! You certainly deserve some good news this week :-)

Katie a dit…

wow you are one lucky girl! I wish I could be there!

Marie a dit…

Another lucky woman ! I was in Juno Beach for the 50th anniversary and it was really great. I talked with Canadian veterans and almost had tears in my eyes !
You will remember that day !!

Anonyme a dit…

Lucky you! Push Sarko and Carla out of the way so you can kiss Obama.

Leah a dit…

Did you know the Queen didn't even get an invite? Apparently they say it's because Sarko wants Obamarama all to himself in photos, etc. The Queen is not the happiest camper from what I hear!