mercredi, août 27, 2008

Weekend fun

What another fab weekend with the amazing franco-american K&C duo! They drove up from Caen early Sunday morning and because of the weather our original plans to go to Merlin's forest were postponed by one day. Instead we stayed inside playing Catan, making lunch and enjoying eachother's company. Then around 3pm the sun started to come out so we decided to check out the new geocaches in the area.
What an afternoon! The weather turned beautiful and we (well Charlie) found 3/3 caches! Some of the areas were just suburb, beautiful little nooks tucked away in the countryside - like this churchyard. Then this other look out point held a secret cache as well.
I let the boys go hunt for the treasure while I played with my macro zoom on my little camera.
They even climbed a tower and played Superman...
On Monday we took off early and drove down to Bretagne. When we left we were a little worried about the weather (it pouuuuured buckets for the first 45 min or so that we were on the road...) but but the time we reached the forest it was just a little overcast. We managed to have a picnic and enjoy the Val sans Retour.
Then we went in search of all the major locations in the forest. Mystery Guest had the idea of taking his GPS to record all the coordinates and that way we can build a website directing people to the exact locations (they are SO poorly marked around there..) This is one, its La fontaine de Barenton and according to legend if you drink the water you will be cured of any mental illnesses. In any case we didn't have any stomach illnesses either... ;-)
We found Merlin's tomb and some other sites but the one we were really looking for was the Fountain of Youth. Mystery Guest and I had tried on 2 separate occasions to find it and never managed to. So we set off from Merlin's tomb (apparently it was nearby) and started following the marked path... As we kept walking and walking and walking we saw some stunning forests and scenery but no fountain... we kept saying, well it must be just around the bend, or oh! there's a stream, maybe its there... but no! Finally we saw a parking lot and thought we had finally reached it.. then Mystery Guest realized it was his car in the parking lot... Apparently we went on a 4km hike through the forest and passed in front of the Fountain of Youth without seeing it!! So we had a closer look at the sign and tried again.
In the end we found it, it was only about 100m from Merlin's Tomb... and a disappointment compared to the beautiful fountain we had seen earlier in the day. Oh, and I wouldn't drink from it, pretty scummy water if you ask me!
In the end it was a fantastic weekend! I hope we have time to do it again before K&C move back to the States... :-(

Here is a little video... boys will be boys eh? ;-)

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