samedi, août 02, 2008

soap nuts

I've read about these soap nuts on various blogs and "green" websites for a few months now. Mystery Guest and I were curious to try them out so we said at the end of my liquid detergent bottle we'd go for it.

On Thursday his brother and sister-in-law came over for dinner and helped us move one of the last thing from the beaux-parents, the washing machine!

Yesterday I decided to give it a go so I did 2 loads of whites (I'd been holding out on the laundry for a while, although we live above a lavomatique it is 4.50e to do a load!) with the little soap nuts and I have to say I'm really happy with the results!

The nuts themselves don't smell all that great (to me anyway) but the laundry is totally odorless, and just smells clean, not fake chemical clean but just clean.

So far so good, plus I like the fact that you can reuse them several times and then compost them (if you have a compost). Plus they're hypoallergenic for you people with sensitive skin... ;-)

I'll keep you updated on our nutty situation around here!

4 commentaires:

Samantha a dit…

My (ex)SIL has been using them for about a year now and she's been really happy with them. She also has a little ball of essential oil that she throws in with them to add a bit of a minty smell.

Milk Jam a dit…

hey good to know :-)
Yeah, I read that people have added essential oils but to be honest having the clothes smell like nothing (especially not dirty!) is fine by me :-)
Seems fairly inexpensive too. I bought a big bag for 8e and I only took out 5 half nuts for at least 2 loads of wash, there must be a million left.. we'll see :-)

benny a dit…

We OBVIOUSLY never heard of that in Dubai, fantastic city of traffic jams, stupid irrigation, destroying ecosystems and recycl-what? ...
where do you find this stuff ???

Milk Jam a dit…

In my little bio store in V-ville ;-) Want me to send you some?