samedi, mai 10, 2008

Iron Man

Yesterday was a quiet day, the coast was socked in by the fog almost the whole day so Mystery Guest and I stayed inside and got some work done.

Today, however, we need a break and with the sun out and shining we drove over to Cherbourg and did some running around. Got ID pictures taken conform to the new regulations (for his carte d'identite and my carte de sejour), some stuff at the grocery store and an awesome new phone for Mystery Guest from Lidl. (did I ever mention how Lidl rocks my socks????)

Then we went out for some sushi and a movie. Went to go see Iron Man. I'm always a bit skeptical of action movies, but to be honest it was so fun! Robert Downey Jr is great in the role, adding a bit of comedy and his quirky nature :-)

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