lundi, mai 12, 2008

for the bible tells me so

Yesterday I was reading a post a friend put on her blog. It was about the documentary For the Bible Tells me So. I had never heard of it but after doing some poking around on the internet I managed to watch it and I have to agree, it was an amazing movie.

Dealing with such a hot topic this movie managed to show a side that was not constantly a "put down." The strongest message I felt was to be open minded and to use your noggin. I think the biggest dangers are believing in something because someone else tells you to and following blindly in something. I think these messages spread beyond what is discussed in the film.

I wish a movie like this would have come out when I was in high school, I saw so many people just following what so-and-so says just because they said it. It was so horrible to watch such smart people be so close-minded. I like the way the film presents things in a heartfelt manner, it doens't seem to be "we're right and this is why" but rather lets look at both sides - at all people - and then look at some logic behind it. It is dangerous to put labels on anything or anyone, history has shown us that.

Why are we still doing it today?

One of my favorite clips used in the movie was this one, I like smart comedy :-)

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Cassandra a dit…

Isn't that an amazing movie? I was SO glad to be able to watch it and finally see a program that recognized where multiple families were coming from, and the moment when the son and his parents stepped toward Focus On the Family and were arrested was I think the most powerful moment in the film for me. It was amazing to see them united like that. It reminded me of the time I read a story about a gentleman who was gay whose grandma came to a gay bar to listen to his band play. He described how all the people in the bar just kept hugging her and grabbing her hands, just because they loved that she was there and longed so much to be able to see their own family members express that level of comfort & acceptance of their lifestyles. Amazing.