dimanche, mai 04, 2008

dirty neighbors?

As someone who hasn't had a dryer in over 5 years reading this article came as a huge shock! I couldn't believe it when people complain about the "unslightlyness" of seeing someone's clothes hanging outside to dry!

I love it when its summer and I hang up my clothes in my room (living in an appt right now, can't wait for a house with a garden!) and opening up the windows all day. The afternoon sun hits my little drying rack and between that and the constant breeze off the English Channel my clothes dry quickly and smell great. Yes, sometimes it would be nice to have a dryer so I could dry my sheets at home, but due to lack of space instead I take them down to the local lavomatique every couple weeks. (er... yes, big lie on my part... sadly it is not nearly as often as I would like it to be... opps) Otherwise my appartment would look like this one :-)
Hello people, wake up and smell the greenhouse gases, global warming is not a myth! If everyone did a little something to help out maybe things might actually change..

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alisa in Los Angeles a dit…

I live in Los Angeles, are although we use the dryer more than we should, when it is warm and sunny I love to hang clothes out in my garden...most people here would never do that. I love the way they feel and smell after sunning outside.

But here is my question for you. We are moving to the Aveyron region of France to the rural countryside (near Najac) for 1 year. We rented a lovely stone farmhouse, but no dryer. I'm ok with that, but what do you do in the winter months when you can't open the windows and let the breeze come in...how long will I have wet clothes hanging around the house??? I know it might sound strange, but moving to a place with no dryer and seasons has me in a bit of a flurry.

tut-tut a dit…

Greener is definitely better; but I believe the town I live in has an ordinance against hanging out clothes!

Milk Jam a dit…

whew, didn't realize I had comments! anyway Alisa - in the winter I just try to hang them up on a drying rack in a room that gets good ventilation and sunshine, it will take longer to dry but is doable. Try to avoid doing laundry on rainy days... the humidity in the air doesn't help!
Can't wait to hear more about your plans for France next year.
Tut-tut, that still surprises me, an ordinance against hanging clothes, how strange...