lundi, août 06, 2007

Wedding Recap

I'm still exhausted from the wedding weekend but it was fantastic! I arrived Friday night and so did a lot of her friends (coming in from Germany and all) and so we had a blast hanging out in the rural bed & breakfast that they rented out for us.

Saturday was a long day, the ceremony was at 2:30pm and then the food and wine never stopped until 5am!

Here is a view from across the lake, the church and the ruins of an old abby (right next to the reception hall). We were so lucky with the weather, first time we had a sunny weekend in 2 months! On Sunday a bunch of us rented some boats and took advantage of the sunshine.

The wedding cakes. Janine is a florist and did all the table arrangements as well as the flowers for the church and reception, they were beautiful!

A new tradition that I learned about was the French Onion Soup at 5am at the end of the party... I was reluctant to eat it, but it was delish! :-)

I'll leave you with a few clips from the wedding, the first is the table of French relatives enjoying a jaunty tune ;-) And the second, well I think if you wait for the chorus you might recognize it... I was so ashamed... haha.

2 commentaires:

benny a dit…

Hey ! It seems like the wedding was a lot of fun !!! I hope everybody was really happy !!! I'm so glad for them :-D

Emily C a dit…

looked beautiful! mmm onion soup.