lundi, août 13, 2007


Whew! Been a while since I posted! Bad lazy blogger that I am! Anyway I've been out and about enjoying the beautiful weather we're (finally) having here in Normandy.

Last Tuesday I jetted off on the train to Cherbourg to visit Mystery Guest and after a day of hanging out we woke up at the butt-crack of dawn to go to Guernsey for the day. The ferry left from a small port town about an hour from his parents so we were up with the chickens ;-) But that way we had the whole day to hang out on the island. We arrived at Port Peter and visited Victor Hugo's house. Then we rented bikes and spent the day roaming the island.

As it is a British island it was really really hard getting used to riding on the left-hand side, especially going through roundabouts! I swear I was gripping the handlebars the whole time!

We discovered all sorts of fun coastlines and a few sandy beaches. The scenery is amazing! You would think with water that blue it was in the middle of the Indian Ocean but alas it was about 20C and we didn't bring bathing suits.

If you get the chance I would highly recommend taking a trip out there, or to the other islands - Sark if you want something more rugged (and sans voitures) or Jersey if you're looking for something more cosmopolitan.

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Anonyme a dit…

I hope you bought an umbrella in cherbourg!

Karina a dit…

Hahaha, I have walked by the shop and those umbrellas are INSANELY expensive!!! I loved the movie though :-)

Samantha a dit…

i saw the pics on facebook and meant to leave a comment - they were super cute! i've always wanted to visit one of those islands - there's a ferry from st malo to jersey, and apparently they have a nice christmas market there. but i say i'll go every christmas and i never do - maybe this year will be the year, LOL!

benny a dit…

did you remember to speak english ?!

Emily C a dit…

I'm so jealous. I have always wanted to go! Actually because of my tires state i'm insanely jealous..
Did I mention I'm jealous?