lundi, août 20, 2007


Yesterday for my friend Kristina's birthday a bunch of us got together and went to a forest outside of Caen to try out a ropes course.

At West Adventure we paid our 19E and had 3 hours to do as many different courses as we wanted. There was the "family" course, the "advanced" and the "frissons" (shivers/goosebumps). We all had a great time but it was difficult because it had been raining so everything was really slippery and made it harder trying not to fall!

It was also a kind of personal challenge for me because when I was a teenager we did a ropes courses as part of the summer camp and it was SO hard for me, I would litterally sit there petrified with my stomach in a knot. This time all the scary parts (the zip cord especially!) were just not as bad, and actually really fun. The only part where I got freaked out was where you had to grab a rope and swing tarzan style to the next platform. Something about jumping off with nothing under you was really hard.

But instead of just being scared the whole time I had a lot of fun and so deserved the little pat on the back I gave myself :-)

2 commentaires:

benny a dit…

Yeah !!! Well done you ! I never did acrobranche, and i think I would be terrified !!!

Emily a dit…

Good for you! Looks like fun. I did a ropes course during high school. Scared the crap out of me, but I'm still so proud of myself for doing it.