dimanche, octobre 02, 2011


This weekend Mystery Guest and I jetted off to Paris to be a part of a wonderful celebration - Miss KSam's wedding!

We had a fantastic time! I got to finally meet in person some wonderful people and see some other friends that I have not seen in several years who came in from all corners the world. I know the bride and groom where probably a little stressed but it didn't show; everything was so seamless! The bride was radiant, the groom all smiles... The weather couldn't be better, especially for an October day, even the evening walk home was warm and summery. Champagne in the park was lovely and then the dinner and the afterparty were just a fantastic way of getting to know people and celebrating the happy couple!

The weekend went by too quickly - all I want to say is congratulations to the happy couple and may your future be very sweet!

2 commentaires:

la fille en rose a dit…

tell MG he better watch his plate next time he's in town. i plan on taking my revenge.

Mystery Guest a dit…

héhé :) viens je t'attends !! :) et puis c'est pas pour cafter but it was the Russian boy who stole your tomato :)