vendredi, octobre 14, 2011


I bought purple carrots at the market today. They are more expensive than the normal carrots but I just couldn't resist...

I also planted all the bulbs I bought last week. I always told myself that if I were to put money into gardening that I would first buy things that were actually productive, that you could eat. But this spring I found myself pining for some color with all the dreary grey skies we were having.

So this year I bought 3 bags of bulbs for 14 euros; narcissus, hyacinths and irises and planted them down by the mailbox. It was totally worth the 5 euros for the hand bulb planter. Now I just need to wait for the spring to see if they bloom!

2 commentaires:

meredith a dit…

You'll be glad you did. A few years ago, I bought and planted bulbs the schools were selling and I love the flowers I get each spring now :)

Anonyme a dit…

If you have any hyacinths left (or if you buy another bag) put some in the refrigerator for 6-8 weeks and then force them to bloom indoors. You'll have fragrant flowers blooming long before spring arrives!