samedi, juin 25, 2011

veggie patch

 My garden is finally in the ground! The landscaper delivered the dirt (for free!) about two weeks ago and last Saturday I bought a whole bunch of plants (advantage to getting a late start? 30% off!)
Here you can see my transplanted corn (that I grew from seed, I also planted more seeds in between just in case the transplants don't survive), there are spaghetti squash plants, cherry tomatoes and I planted some seeds for butternut squash in between the corn rows).
 In the middle are a whole slew of tomatoes! I need to buy (or make) some stakes for them, the one stake in place is for a plant that got knocked down in the wild winds we had last week. On the left corner there are 2 zucchini plants.
 And at the end you've got 3 big blueberry bushes (buy 2 get 1 free! at 8 euros each = yea!) and the tiny blueberry plant I got at Lidl... I also stuck in some butternut squash seeds in the middle too.

blueberries!!! I need to put up a bird net cause I have a feeling the birds are going to have a great time as these bad boys ripen!

Fingers crossed my first attempt at a garden goes ok... !

2 commentaires:

kim a dit…

Where did you find the blueberry bushes? I've been looking, have seen all sorts of berries but no blueberries!

MilkJam a dit…

It was random, found them at

I dont' know if there is one near you or if they stock them but 16e for 3 plants can't be beat!