mercredi, juin 22, 2011

start of summer


I took a trip into our local town to go to the post office this afternoon. I parked right in front of this fountain and decided to snap a quick picture. I love the town, it is very charming, right on the river where we went kayaking this weekend and with a large medieval castle in the middle. It's really too bad that it is pretty much dead, even in the summer! It has so much potential and I wish that there was a way to revive it...  

I've been substitute teaching for the last week in a local junior high school. It's rough being a new sub the last two weeks of school but the colleagues have been really nice and sympathetic. I was asked to go along on a field trip to Jersey yesterday with 60 6th graders, fortunately it went very smoothly and loved being chez les English.

I've got one week left until the end of the school year and although I'm only teaching the last 2 weeks of the whole year this last week has left me feeling like I've been doing it for months - I'm exhausted!

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