mercredi, mai 11, 2011

tale of a fence

These last few days have been crazy... all about a fence.

See the thing is that I wanted to have a little veggie patch this year - grow some things and spend some time outdoors (now that I've got tons of free time on my hands!)

First step - build a fence. Although the countryside is pretty, birds chirping, frogs croaking, bunnies jumping. Yes, bunnies jumping. We have hoards of bunnies living in the bocage which surrounds the property. Very cute as they bounce around in the morning fog and have cut little bunny babies that look like spastic hamsters.

So yes, first thing, build a fence.

We went to Point Vert (fantastic garden store in all little towns and villages in the area!) and the salesman suggested a plastic coated soldered fence. We bought all the posts, the fencing and the jambes de force (the angled thingies you see to hold the posts up). Everything was going pretty peachy as we (er... MG) hammered in the posts into a fairly dry earth as we haven't had much rain recently. Then we tried to put up the jambes de force. No luck. Turned them this way and that, couldn't figure out how to make the holes line up.

Went back to the store. Sales guy was not the greatest and was like "well if you do it like this it is good enough" and "well just drill an extra hole in the post." Dude, it came with holes drilled and it doesn't work. But we tried what he said, no luck.

Yesterday we went back and returned the jambes de force and the fencing (the fencing only because MG saw that it was cheaper in a different store which also had better jambes de force). Managed to get cash back and not store credit (woo!).

Bought new jambes de force and fencing. Although it was no piece of cake to put them up we managed to get them up this afternoon and half of the fencing put up as well! Amazing how quickly you can get things done with the right products... !

Next step, finish the fencing and build the raised beds! Then it is gardening time people! Just in time for my sprouting seeds in the greenhouse....!!!

With a little luck I'll be having grilled corn on the cob this summer baby!

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