dimanche, mai 22, 2011


Yesterday we went on a long road trip with Mystery Guest's parents to the Paris region for the day. The first grandchild in the family was born to Mystery Guest's brother and his wife Thursday morning so we had to go meet the little bub!

It was a long drive (we left at 7am and got home at midnight) but we got to spend some great quality time with the new family. He made a few little newborn cries but mostly lots of yawns and was so quiet and hardly stirred when passed from one pair of arms to another but he did open his eyes from time to time so we could check out his baby blues.

The best part was when he was moving around wanting to nurse and finally found his thumb and started sucking away :) Cutest little thing and he made MG tonton for a first time and me an auntie for the first time!

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