samedi, juin 20, 2009

Tea Forté

When we went to the States in May we stayed at a friend's house in Oregon. I felt bad arriving empty handed, and even worse when she gave me a gift! She gave me some Tea Forté saying it was all the rage in the tea and coffee shops downtown.

I see why! I brewed some a few days after we got back and it is probably the best ice tea I've ever tried! (none of that naaaasty NesTea stuff! eww!!) It's not bitter at all and the flavors are really there.. YUM!

I'm trying to savor these tea bags, the box only came with 12 bags but so far we've tried the blackberry/pomegranate, and wild ginger/pear and they are both amazing... I have some ceylon gold chilling in the fridge as we speak for tomorrow... :-)

(Here's the French site if you're interested, I was surprised to see they had one!)

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(Not So) Mystery Guest (Anymore) a dit…

c'est vrai, ces petits sachets de thé sont excellents !!! yum yum can't wait to try the last one