vendredi, juin 12, 2009

still huntin'

Job hunt update:

After my interview on Tuesday with the social security place I decided that since they would only be offering a contract of 1 month paid minimum wage and that it would likely fall right when my Mom and KC would be here visiting (they arrive tomorrow! yea!) that I would turn it down.

Well they beat me to it, calling me yesterday saying they had picked someone else.

I figured they probably would, it makes more sense for them to have a native French speaker who speaks English fluently than the other way around, but it would have been nice if I were the one who told them no even though the end result is the same!

The other job interview I had at the private school in Caen got back to me yesterday, they can only offer me 3 hours a week. They said they totally understand if I don't take it but that it would be wise of me to get my foot in the door. The problem that I have with that (and I need to email back for more clarification) is that from what I understand that "door" is a vacataire position without much chance of leading to a permanent job .. not really a door that I want to get my foot into. Especially since if I do get another job offer during the year and I end up not being able to take it because I'm stuck with 3 measly hours somewhere else...

So now back to scratch I guess... anyone know if McDo is hiring?

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