dimanche, octobre 19, 2008


Last Monday Mystery Guest and I drove down to Caen for some appointments and were able to squeeze in a lunch and dinner at Kristina and Charlie's. We got one second to last chance to play Catan with them (since hopefully they'll be coming up to V-town in Nov before moving back to the States...).

It was awesome and I'm so sad they'll be moving back... :-(

In other news I definitely feel OLD... I've been checking train prices to hopefully go up to Paris in December for the K&K 200th episode extravaganza and it will be the first time I have to get normal tickets... I think that not having my carte 12-25 ranks up there with the first grey hair... snif, oh and having to pay taxes for the first time ever. Yes, my civic duty to France but hey it hurts having to chuck out 1 month's salary.

I don't wanna grow up!

3 commentaires:

Katia a dit…

even if you have to get a "normal" ticket, dearie (it happens to all of us, sometime!), you MUST COME to episode 200!!!!!! We expect the norman contingent to be the loudest!!!! :D

Milk Jam a dit…

C'y est ! tickets are bought (Prems, before they get more expensive...) and this norman is coming to Parriiiii baby!!! :-) i'll be there for rhum-rhums too!

Katia a dit…

yay, even BETTER! I think that friday night rhum-rhums is going to rock! hehe.