mercredi, décembre 28, 2005

snow days

Ever since yesterday morning it has been snowing mostly non-stop! Big thick fluffy flakes coming down all over town, it got up to about 4 or 5 inches today! In the past few years that I've lived here I've never seen this much snow!

So of course I've been holed up at home drinking tea and hot chocolate and procrastinating my work because hey, I'm on vacation! But this afternoon the sun came out a bit and so I walked around town taking pictures of the town under a blanket of white.

Otherwise nothing exciting going on, with none of the roads salted there are very few cars and the public transport is barely running so its good to just hang out.

Hope you all are doing well. I leave you with 2 pictures from town, the chateau and the view from my window :) Enjoy!

2 commentaires:

Samantha a dit…

What on earth is going on with the weather? It's cold and snowing in France, and warm and snowless in Minnesota. Something is wrong with this picture! I just hope that everything rights itself before I get back next week!

Karina a dit…

its starting to rain and warm up. the snow is slowly melting and is all grey and slushy in the streets. ick.
oh well, beautiful while it lasted! ;)