dimanche, décembre 12, 2010

Prepping for Christmas

Getting ready for Christmas MG and I went into Cherbourg yesterday. We stopped by the little Christmas market for some vin chaud and then walked around the stores. I love shopping in Cherbourg, it is a small town but all the main chain stores are there plus some fun boutiques. Because it is small even on a crowded Saturday it is never too crowded :)
We stopped in a coffee store that does fantastic coffees and teas and I discovered that they also do flavored coffees! I haven't hardly seen any stores in France that sell flavored coffee beans! They had hazelnut, vanilla, mint-chocolate and brownie! I bought some hazelnut and having been sipping that goodness this morning.
We also stopped by But and picked out a new mattress (you know yours has bit the dust when you wake up in the morning with a sore back, a butt print and realize staying at friend's houses that their fold out sofa is more comfortable then your bed at home...)
We found a great one on sale in a Queen size 160cm (ours is a double, standard 140cm French bed) so we got that as well as the new bed to put it on! Only sad part was that they didn't have any more delivery trucks so we have to wait until Tuesday to pick it up... I can't wait!!!
Otherwise most of the Christmas shopping is done, just a few more gifts to pick out... :)

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