mardi, juin 29, 2010

my american

Craving for some American foods in France? Start shopping with and get 10% off your first order!

Ok so I still haven't ordered anything from them simply because I haven't had time and because there are just SO many choices! (that and I'm trying to watch my oh-so-girlish figure these days *cough*) But after their first blogger contest that I entered and all the wonderful things in the gift basket I thought I'd give it a second try! Plus even though Thanksgiving is a long way off it made me think that it would probably be the cheapest place to get some pecans for my pecan pie - and karo syrup! That way I can actually make the real thing this year...!
I'm totally getting tempted by the Mexican section too... god I really should have waited to blog about this after dinner! I would totally kill for some refried beans - I swear I can polish off a whole jar cold with just a spoon.
Anyway this is definitely the go-to site for American goodies, especially for us contry folk that live out in the middle of nowhere! I mean its cool that Carrefour and other stores stock English goodies for all those English ex-pats but give me some Reese's peanut butter cups anyday and you've got one happy American out here in Normandy!
Anyway my mouth is watering ... if only they carried Philadelphia cream cheese...

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Jennie a dit…

They sell Philadelphia cream cheese in Germany and I so wanted to buy some but we were returning to Paris for one night before I headed back home. :( At least I got peanut butter for only 1.50 € - everything was so much cheaper there!