jeudi, janvier 28, 2010

*tap* *tap* anyone there?

I know, I'm a bad blogger, poor orphaned blog was getting lonely! But things have been insane around here. We're working on the house all the time and last weekend we moved all of our crap from V-town out to the house. It was a big game of tetris, not helped by the fact that the tile guy hadn't finished all of the grouting or the tiles along the walls. So we had to find spots to put all of our stuff, and we've got tons!

But that's done, we haven't moved in yet because again we are waiting on other people. The electrician and plumber show up when they feel like it but at least it is all tiled now. So this week we're staying with the in-laws but hopefully (fingers crossed!) it should be liveable by Monday at the latest when the electricity company comes by to hook us up to our permanent contract.

In other big news I retook my driving test again and passed! Avec un "petit oui" as the lady said. She wasn't impressed with my driving but apparently saw no major problems so she gave it to me, thank god. I was so sick of paying for more and more lessons and tried not to let the stress get to me. She did that oh-so-French thing of huffing and puffing with a big Gaelic sigh, "ohhhhhh bahhhh voyons, il faut regarder derriere vous quand meme... siiiiiighhhhhh". Whatever, I just told myself, like water off a duck's back, like water off a duck's back... it became my mantra.

So that deal's sealed, hopefully my big pink drivers license will come in the mail soon!

Work is busy and staying with the in-laws has added an extra part to the commute, it's a nice drive during the day but with these short days I'm leaving at night and coming back at night so I can't enjoy the view. That should be changing soon! I'm still enjoying my job but wondering a bit what will happen when my contract ends the end of February - those 6 months sure went by fast!

I'm starting to get my application in order for my citizenship request... once we're in the house I'll take a look to see exactly what I need and what documents need to be requested from the States and then find a certified translator.

So like I said, busy busy!! I'm looking forward to a bit of calm when we move in... and taking a long hot soak in this:

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Anonyme a dit…

ooooh, me likey.

Question: Why do you want to become a French citizen? I'm compiling info! Do you still keep all your US rights? Does it mean you have dual nationality? FB me the answers if you prefer!

Erica a dit…

Hey Karina, let me know if you have any questions about the citizenship process ... I know that you have a couple of people to ask, but I'm here if you need anything !

Kate a dit…

...I'm still there!

Congrats again on the driving test, you must be so happy (and relieved)!

I hope the Mystery Man did something fabulous to help celebrate.

...let me know when you're in town I'd love to buy you a drink. :)

Paulita a dit…

Good for you on the driving test and the bathtub and tile look marevelous

Justin a dit…

congrats on the license, that is awesome! great job

MilkJam a dit…

thanks for all the comments! nice to see this blog isn't dead yet!!

Emmy, i sent you a message :-)

Erica, oh yes please!! thanks for the offer, once we're all moved in i'll be looking into exactly what I'll need to order from the States, at least i got my fingerprints done! lol

Kate, i can't wait to get back in touch with the world! things are still super busy but i'll let you know as soon as i can. :-)

Paulita & Justin, thanks!!!

Megan a dit…

congrats on passing!
what a big pain all the admin is here in France.
Good luck with the next rigamarole- trying to get everything gathered to file for nationality- I am still working on it about 6 months later!

Gwenn a dit…

My French grandmother passed the driving test on the first try and then never drove again! Everyone else I know in France had to take it at least twice--and they all kept driving afterwards! ;)