mercredi, novembre 12, 2008

bac +5

3 long years of juggling work and school

2 summers writing mémoires

800 euros tuition

1 Master's degree = priceless

I just defended my final memoire this afternoon. It was a lot harder than I would have thought given all of the positive feedback I had had throughout the year but in the end it went well, I passed with 14/20 (yea!!!!!) on the thesis itself (am waiting on my grade for the year). I officially have my masters in ze pocket as they say and let me tell you it is both mind numbing and totally liberating at the same time.

Time to go crash on the couch!

8 commentaires:

Ambre a dit…

Congratulations, you really deserve it!! Free time now for cooking, decorating, travelling, yipee yeah! Enjoy your renewed freedom...

Anonyme a dit…

I am soooo happy for you and extremely proud of you!
You have worked really hard for this and you've done it!!
lots of love and hugs,

misplaced texan a dit…

WOW, congratulations!! What an amazing achievement! Now, the big question is, what will you do with all of your free time? Enjoy it!

Leah a dit…

Youpi!!! Congratulations, super star!

Andromeda a dit…

Yay!! Congratulations!

au soleil levant a dit…

Congrats!!! Must feel awesome to just be DONE.

Fned a dit…

Yay!! Congratulations!!
I remember that feeling when I got my Bachelor's Degree (in Mexico you have to defend a Thesis to get your BD)... once it was done I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders!!!


Ksam a dit…